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Legal descriptions, as the name implies, are the way and means by which real property, or real estate, is legally identified, conveyed, assessed and taxed. When real estate is transacted, it is the legal description that uniquely describes and identifies the property involved in the transaction and all of its appurtenances. Legal descriptions are used in all types of transactions, not just those involving the sale or purchase of real estate. Legal descriptions are used in deeds of conveyance, mortgages, claims of title, leases, title insurance policies, easements, etc. To do this effectively, an adequate understanding of legal descriptions is necessary. This two-hour video course describes the history of legal descriptions in the state of Michigan.


Metes and Bounds

  1. Introduction
    1. Metes and Bounds
    2. Survey System
    3. Subdivisions
  2. Metes and Bounds
    1. POB
    2. Distances
    3. Directions

Survey System

  1. History
  2. Survey System
    1. Principal Meridians
    2. Base lines
    3. Range lines
    4. Township lines
  3. Michigan Survey History
    1. Townships

Numbering System

  1. Examples
  2. Practice Questions


  1. Methods
  2. Land Division Act
    1. Subdivision
    2. Condo
    3. Division
    4. Exempt Split
  3. Bonus Splits

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