3 Hour Ohio Real Estate Canons of Ethics Course Description


Course Description

Ohio law places responsibilities upon all real estate professionals regarding ethics and conduct. The law and the various trade association codes of ethics are similar yet not identical. As a license holder engaging in the real estate industry, you are bound by the ethics requirements found in the Ohio Canons of Ethics. Licensees must strive for individual ethical conduct and strive to maintain a high standard of ethical professionalism within the industry. The failure to abide by the Canons of Ethics can give rise to disciplinary action by the Division.

This course outlines the standards of practice expected of licensed realtors, and provides several case studies to illustrate those standards.

General Duties to the Public and Industry

  • Article 1 Standards of Conduct
  • Article 2 Protect the Public
  • Article 3 Uphold the Rules
  • Article 4 Be Knowledgeable
  • Article 5 Promote Professional Education
  • Article 6 Contribute to Public Thinking

Duties to Clients and Customers

  • Article 7 Disclosure
  • Article 8 Recommend Legal Counsel
  • Article 9 Contracts and Agreements
  • Article 10 Conflict of Interest
  • Article 11 Compensation
  • Article 12 Affiliate Disclosure
  • Article 13 Property Valuation
  • Article 14 Professional Services
  • Article 15 Area of Expertise
  • Article 16 Advertising

Duties to Fellow Licensees

  • Article 17 Exclusive Listings
  • Article 18 Exclusive Listings
  • Article 19 Exclusive Listings

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