4-Hour Lead Paint Awareness Course Description

HD Video Course - Instructor: Scott Corbat

This course describes EPA approved ways of determining if lead paint is present in a home, the regulations relevant to a home containing lead paint based on the amount of lead paint present, proper home renovations when dealing with lead paint, and appropriate recordkeeping when lead paint is found.



Chapter 1.  Lead Paint Concerns
*Learning Objectives:
 1)   Explain what lead-based paint is.  2)  Explain why lead-paint is a problem for renovators. 3)  Describe the health risks of lead to children and adults.  4)  Explain why we are concerned with lead-contaminated dust.

  1. Lead-based Paint
    1. Definition
    2. Health Risks
    3. Exposure Pathways
    4. Clearance Standards

Chapter 2.  Regulation
*Learning Objectives: 
1)  Describe the regulatory requirements that affect renovation work.  2)  Identify EPA and HUD rules.

  1. The RRP Rule
    1. Firm Certification
    2. Individual Certification
    3. Standards
  2. HUD Lead Safe Housing Rule
    1. Safe Practices
    2. Testing
    3. Training

Chapter 3.  Before Beginning Work
*Learning Objectives:
  1)  Educate residents according to the Pre-Renovation Education Rules. 2)  Describe how widespread lead-based paint use was in housing. 3)  Determine if lead-based paint is present.  4) Use EPA-recognized test kits to check for lead-based paint. 5)  Use decision logic charts to decide which rules apply.

  1. Educate Owners and Residents
    1. Renovate Right Pamphlets
    2. Residential
    3. Child-Occupied Facilities
    4. Common Areas
  2. Determining Lead Paint Presence
    1. Test Kits
    2. Other tests
    3. Decision Logic Charts

Chapter 4.  Containing Dust 
*Learning Objectives:
  1)  Establish containment systems that will keep dust inside of the work area to allow you to clean more efficiently at the end of the day and at completion of the job.   2)  Identify containment requirements for interior renovations.  3)   Identify containment requirements for exterior renovations.

  1. What is Containment?
  2. Interior Containment
    1. Access/Signs
    2. Coverings
    3. Doors/Windows
    4. Entry to work area
  3. Exterior Containment
    1. Work Area
    2. Doors/Windows

Chapter 5.  During the Work
*Learning Objectives: 
1)  Describe work practices prohibited under the RRP Rule because they create dangerous amounts of dust and paint chips.  2)  Identify practices to use to control dust, debris or paint chips. 3)   List tools you will need during the work.  4)  Identify personal protection equipment and procedures.

  1. Prohibited Practices
  2. Specialized Tools
    1. HEPA vacuums
  3. Personal Protection Equipment
  4. Controlling the Dust
    1. Vacuuming the dust
    2. Disposal

Chapter 6.  Cleaning and Checking Your Work
*Learning Objectives:
  1)  Know how to conduct an effective cleaning.   2)  Identify tools needed to conduct cleaning.  3)   State effective techniques to clean up after interior and exterior jobs.   4)  Describe safe disposal practices.  5)  Indicate how to check your work.

  1. Effective Cleanup
    1. Top to Bottom
    2. All Surfaces
    3. Checking your work
  2. Interior Requirements
    1. Visual Inspection 
    2. Cleaning Verification
    3. Dust Clearance Exam
  3. Exterior Requirements
    1. Sheeting
    2. Disposal

Chapter 7.  Recordkeeping
*Learning Objectives:  1)  Identify how to keep required records for a job.  2)  Determine what records Certified Renovators and Certified Firm Managers must retain for each job

  1. On-the-job Records
    1. Documents
    2. Individuals
    3. Common Areas
    4. Child Occupied Facilities
  2. Non-Certified Worker Training
    1. Documentation
  3. Sample Reporting


Course instructors will be available by email or telephone between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Standard Time. They will assist you with questions regarding course content.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-727-7104 or send an email to info@licensetobuild.com. Email responses will usually be returned promptly, but guaranteed within one business day.

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