8 Hour 2017 Colorado Annual Commission Update and Drones in Real Estate Package Course Description

Colorado 2017 Annual Commission Update Course Syllabus

Compliance Issues

  • Top E&O Claims
  • Sellers Property Disclosure
  • Employing Brokers
  • Three Issues Concerning Brokerage Relationships
  • Deeds
  • SignCrossing
  • Reducing the Buyer/Seller Pool

General Practice Issues

  • Common Contract Issues
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure
  • Managing Multiple Offers
  • Home Warranties

Approved Contracts and Forms Changes

  • 2017 Approved Contracts and Forms Changes

New Regulations

  • Mortgage Loan Originators
  • Home Owners' Association
  • Title
  • Sunset Review and Recommendation

Resources and Commission News

  • Colorado Connects
  • License Inquiry Process
  • eLicense Licensing Account Reminder
  • 2017 Colorado Real Estate Manual
  • Feedback Requested

Final Exam

Drones are the new tool Realtors are raving about for their marketing and personal use. There are many potential uses for drones in the Real Estate industry, but there are rules and regulations you must be aware of. Stay up to date with technology and ahead of your competition. This course is designed to familiarize Realtors with the practical use of drones.

Drones in Real Estate

4HR Online CE

The following topics will be discussed:
►Types of UAV/Drone Technology

Federal Rules and Regulations associated with UAVs

► Cost of Drones (Pros and Cons)

► Drones in your Industry (overview)

► Acquiring Images

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Become knowledgeable about available technology and proper use of drones.
  • Learn the basics of aerial survey and mapping.
  • Explain the FAA application process for an FAA 333 Exemption.
  • Learn the benefits of UAV application in marketing and advertising.


Overview (20 Minutes)

1. Introduction
2. Types
3. Overhead Imagery

Types of Drones (25 Minutes)

1. Large Platform
2. Most Popular
3. First Person View
4. Considerations

Federal Rules and Regulations (15 Minutes)

1. Drone Act
2. FAA 333 Exemption
3. Minimum Requirements
4. FAA Recommendations

Costs (20 Minutes)

1. More FAA Recommendations
2. How Drones can Help
3. Realistic Costs of Drones

Industry Uses (20 Minutes)

1. Agriculture
2. Utility
3. GIS
4.  Construction
5. Excavation
6. Pros and Cons

Surveying and Mapping (25 Minutes)

1. New Technology
2. Real Estate
3. Architects
4. Construction
5. Surveying
6. Placement of Materials
7. Site Access

Measuring and Scanning (15 Minutes)

1. Measuring Stockpiles
2. Roof Inspections
3. Thermal/Infra-red

Marketing and Advertising (15 Minutes)

1. Real Estate
2. Resort and Hotel
3. Banners
4. Brand Awareness
Security (25 Minutes)

1. FCC Rules on Jamming
2. Airport and Port Security
3. Event Protection
4. Prisons
5. Infrastructure
6. Heat/Thermal/Infra-Red

Acquiring Imagery (40 Minutes)

1. Locations
2. Still vs. Video
3. Hazards
4. Lighting
5. Shadows and Color
6. Buyers

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