Renewal Cycle: 2 Years
Renewal Deadline: 

Staggered Renewal Schedule

CE Requirement: 12 hours
Required Courses: 

  • Salesperson: 3-hour Salesperson & Broker Core
  • Broker: 3-hour Salesperson & Broker Core | 3-Hour Broker Core


What are my Kansas real estate continuing education requirements?

Kansas real estate licensees are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education each two-year license cycle. All licensees must complete the 3-hour Required Salesperson and Broker Core course. Salespersons must complete 9 hours of electives to total 12 hours. Brokers must complete the 3-hour Required Broker Core course and 6 hours of electives to total 12 hours.

How often must I renew my Kansas real estate license?

Kansas real estate licensees must renew their license every two years.

When do I need to renew my Kansas real estate license?

License expiration dates are staggered over a two-year period, with a different group of the alphabet expiring every other month. Education and renewal of a license are due the last day of the month immediately preceding the license expiration date.

Staggered Renewal Schedule

Are your courses approved by Kansas Real Estate Commission?

Yes! Our provider ID is ED0099. Course approval number are listed in the course title.

Do you report my continuing education to Kansas Real Estate Commission?

Yes! We will report your course completion to the Kansas Real Estate Commission. Rosters are submitted on a weekly basis, and can take 2-3 days to reflect in the KREC database. Licensees should retain a copy of the certificate of completion for each course.

How long do I have to complete my courses after I purchase them?

Individual courses are available for six months from the date of purchase. The purchase of a package will give you access to the course work for the full length of your licensing cycle (2 years).

Do I have to complete the course at one time?

No! You do not have to complete each course in one sitting. Your courses are available to you from any internet enabled device, and our system will keep track of where you start and stop. Our courses are usually broken into 20-25 minutes intervals, which will make it easy for you to complete your course when it’s convenient for you!

How do I renew my Kansas real estate license?

Online renewal is available 24/7 at least 45 days prior to the renewal due date. Late renewal is available until the expiration date. A paper Renewal Application with Late Addendum (REL-200) must be filed with the Commission in order to renew within the 6-month grace period after the license expires.

To renew an active license online, 12 hours of continuing education must be on record with KREC. To check the status of your continuing education, use Check CEU hours. Online renewal is not available if, since the license was issued or the last renewal, whichever is more recent, the licensee had been charged or convicted of a criminal offense, received a diversion or suspended imposition of sentence, or if the licensee has received disciplinary action against a professional or occupational license (other than the Kansas Real Estate license).

How much does it cost to renew my Kansas real estate license?

$125 | Salesperson
$175 | Broker

I missed the due date for my Kansas real estate license renewal, can I still renew?

Yes. A paper Renewal Application with Late Addendum (REL-200) must be filed with KREC to renew within the 6-month grace period after the license expires.

Do I have to complete any continuing education if my Kansas real estate license is inactive?

No. There is no requirement of Kansas real estate licensees to complete continuing education while the license is in an inactive status. However, licensees must complete the required continuing education before the license will be reactivated.

  • If the license was recently renewed without continuing education on file, all required hours must be completed prior to reactivation.
  • If the license has been inactive for two or more years, continuing education totaling 6 hours for each full year the license has been on inactive status must be completed prior to reactivation, in addition to the regular 12 hours required for the immediate past renewal period.
  • If the license has been inactive for five or more years, the licensure examination must be passed in addition to the continuing education requirements listed above.

Does Kansas have reciprocity with other states?

Kansas does not offer reciprocity with other states, however, there are provisions for licensing if you hold a current real estate license in another state. Click here for more information.


How do I obtain a Kansas real estate license?

  1. Be at least 18 years of age
  2. Possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Complete the required pre-license education
    • Salesperson: Principles of Real Estate course (30 hours) and Kansas Practice course (30 hours)
    • Brokers: Broker Pre-License Course (24 hours) – To be licensed as a broker in Kansas, you must have been licensed as a salesperson and ACTIVELY ENGAGED in real estate activities for at least 2 years out of the last 5 years. Qualifying licensed real estate activities must be for compensation and on behalf of a client or customer.
  4. KBI/FBI Background Check – Fingerprint cards are available at SK licensing exam centers, or may be requested from the Kansas Real Estate Commission. Instructions and Waiver Form (REL-150)
  5. Licensing Exam – Pass both the general and state sections within 12 months of completing the Pre-License Education
  6. License Application – Must be filed within one of the time frames listed below, whichever occurs earliest:
    • Six months of the exam pass date. If sections were passed on different dates, the earlier date starts the clock; or
    • Six months of the earliest document date (ex. Certificates, Reports, etc.)
  7. Salesperson Application
    • The application must be signed by a supervising or branch broker who will be responsible for supervising the applicant’s real estate activities and who will certify that the applicant is hones, trustworthy and of good reputation.
    • A new salesperson license expires according to a staggered renewal schedule based on the first letter of the last name. Twelve hours of continuing education will be required by the first renewal due date. If the license expires less than 6 months from issuance the 12 hours are not due until the second renewal date. License numbers for licensees in this category will begin with the letters “SA”.
    • An original license cannot be issued on inactive status.
  8. Broker Application
    • The application must be signed by a supervising broker or a branch broker if the applicant is not applying to be a supervising broker. If applying to be a supervising or branch broker of a new office, complete the Open Company Form
    • Complete the experience section of the application in detail
      • Broker Experience Pages or
      • Broker Transaction Log in lieu of MLS Reports
    • Experience Requirements for Broker’s License:
      • Licensed as a salesperson in Kansas, or as a salesperson or broker in another state, and ACTIVELY ENGAGED for at least 2 years out of the last 5 years in activities which require a real estate license in Kansas. Qualifying licensed real estate activities must be for compensation and on behalf of a client or customer.
      • Minimum requirements necessary for KREC staff to approve a broker application based on the delegated power of the KREC to the staff.
        Number Years Number of completed License Status
        Licensed                              Transactions w/in 5 yrs                                                 
        Less than 2 years              40 or more                                         Restricted**
        2 or more years                40 or more                                          Unrestricted
        2 or more years                20 to 39                                               Restricted**
        3 or more years                30 or more                                          Unrestricted                     
        *Maximum of 5 transactions with personal interest. Staff cannot count team member transaction. Do not include transaction as a residential property manager.
        **The restriction would prohibit supervision of any KS licensee. To request the restriction be lifted, a written petition must be submitted with new experience/education for consideration.
      • If an applicant does not meet any of the criteria above the application will be forwarded to KREC members for renewing. KREC will approve, approve with restrictions and/or conditions, or deny your application based on their evaluation of the information provided.
      • Experience in the real estate or a related business or a combination of such experience and education may be accepted if the Commission believes it qualifies the applicant to act as a broker. Real estate related experience in the activities below can be considered by KREC.
        Builder Transaction Manager Title Examiner
        Developer                           Transaction Administrator            Closing Examiner
        Appraiser                            Licensed Assistant                           Mortgage Broker
        Corporate Lease/Acquisition Manager                                    Real Estate Office Trainer
        Mortgage Lender             Supervising Broker                          Real Estate Course Instructor
        Real Estate Attorney
    • Include with your application a resume or position description for consideration of these activities. A letter of recommendation from the supervising broker is required for consideration of activities as a Transaction Manager, Transaction Administrator, Licensed Assistant, or Real Estate Office Trainer.
    • Documentation of real estate related education such as a Bachelor’s Degree or Minor in Real Estate and national or local designations will also be considered by KREC.

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