Code of Ethics | California Approval #5212-1001


3 Ethics Credit Hours | Online HD Video Course | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
Learn the standards of practice expected of licensed real estate professionals including their duties to clients, the public, and other agents. The course will fully explain the NAR code of ethics and provide several case studies to illustrate key points.

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Code of Ethics


Course Description

Realtors should recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. They require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and the preservation of a healthful environment.

Such interests impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to which Realtors should dedicate themselves, and for which they should be diligent in preparing themselves. Realtors, therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve the standards of their calling and share with their fellow Realtors a common responsibility for its integrity and honor.

This course outlines the standards of practice expected of licensed realtors, and provides several case studies to illustrate those standards.


Lesson 1: Introduction and Preamble (10 minutes)

Article 1 Duties to Clients and Customers (10 minutes)

  1. Obligations
  2. Agency Relationships
  3. Disclosure
  4. Offers
  5. Confidentiality
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Contracts and agreements

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 2: Articles 2-9 (15 minutes)

  1. Misrepresentation
  2. Discovery
  3. Compensation and Commissions
  4. Conflict of Interest
  5. Contracts

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 3: Articles 10-14 Duties to the Public (20 minutes)

  1. Discrimination
  2. Professional Standards
  3. Consultative Services
  4. Transparency
  5. Kickbacks
  6. Unauthorized activities

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 4: Articles 15-17 Duties to Realtors (15 Minutes)

  1. Libel
  2. Exclusivity
  3. Solicitations
  4. Disputes

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 5: Exercises and Case Studies (20 minutes)

1. Concepts of the Preamble to the Code.

  • Maintain the standards of the industry
  • Share responsibility for integrity and honor
  • Become and remain up to date
  • Share expertise
  • Be competent, fair, and conduct self with integrity

2. Structure of the Code

  • Duties to clients
  • Duties to public
  • Duties to realtors
  • Evolution of the Code

3. The Code and the Law

  • Reasonable

4. Pathways to Professionalism

  • Respectful to the public, property and peers

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 6: Summaries and Case Studies (20 minutes)

  1. Article 1
  2. Article 2
  3. Article 12
  4. Article 17

Lesson Quiz

Lesson 7: Commercial Cases (25 minutes)

  1. Article 1
  2. Article 2
  3. Article 3
  4. Article 11
  5. Article 16

Lesson Quiz


Assessment (15 minutes)


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