COMPLETE 24 Hour Colorado License Renewal Package #2


24 credit hours | Online HD Video Courses | Includes Annual Commission Update

  • 12 Hour Annual Commission Update 2019, 2020, 2021
  • 3 Hour Code of Ethics (Approval #10273)
  • 3 Hour Fair Housing (Approval #7144)
  • 3 Hour Environmental Issues (Approval #7348)
  • 3 Hour Taxes (Approval #7350)

Note:  Legal Update courses MUST BE COMPLETED by December 31, 2019, in order to satisfy the education requirement.
Annual Commission Update courses for 2020 and 2021 will be added to your profile automatically when content becomes available from DORA.

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Colorado 2019 Annual Commission Update Course Description

Narrated Course

2019 version of the Annual Commission Update (ACU) 4-hour Mandatory course as required by the Real Estate Commission in Colorado. All licensees are required to complete this course every calendar year.


  • Investigative Statistics
  • Fair Housing
  • Teams
  • Unlicensed Assistants


  • Varying Commission Models
  • Competency
  • Good Faith
  • Consumer Data Privacy
  • Property Management
  • Sign Crossing


  • Contract and Form Changes
  • Division Program Changes and Recent Legislation



3 Hour Real Estate Code of Ethics Syllabus

HD Video Course – Instructor: Gwyn Besner

Realtors should recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. They require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and the preservation of a healthful environment.

Such interests impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to which Realtors should dedicate themselves, and for which they should be diligent in preparing themselves. Realtors, therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve the standards of their calling and share with their fellow Realtors a common responsibility for its integrity and honor.

This course outlines the standards of practice expected of licensed realtors and provides several case studies to illustrate those standards.


Article 1 Duties to Clients and Customers

1. Obligations
2. Agency Relationships
3. Disclosure
4. Offers
5. Confidentiality
6. Due Diligence

Articles 2-9

1. Misrepresentation
2. Discovery
3. Compensation and Commissions
4. Conflict of Interest
5. Contracts
Articles 10-14 Duties to the Public

1. Discrimination
2. Professional Standards
3. Standards of Competence
4. Consultive Services
5. Transparency
6. Kickbacks
7. Advertising

Articles 15-17Duties to Realtors

1. Libel
2. Exclusivity
3. Solicitations
4. Disputes
5. Mediation and Arbitration
Business Ethics, NAR Code of Ethics and Pathways to Professionalism

1. History of NAR
2. Business Ethics
3. Professionalism
4. Enforcement
5. Arbitration Guidelines

Case Studies

1. Article 1
2. Article 12
3. Article 17
4. Commercial Cases
5. Conclusion

3 Hour Fair Housing Course Description

Fully Narrated Course – Instructor:  Jenny MacDowell

It is important to realize Fair Housing laws are very much a part of today’s real estate market. Both Federal and State governments employ “testers” to police the industry. Testing is not considered entrapment and the results are admissible in court. Fair Housing is the law of the land, and even in the face of some apparent exceptions, there is no room for discrimination of any sort in the business of housing.

The Fair Housing Act has its roots in the civil rights movement and is arguably the final great legislative achievement of the times. It is a landmark civil rights act that pushed back decades of discrimination.

After completing this course  participants will be able to:

  • Understand the history behind and the connection between civil rights legislation and the Fair Housing Act.
  • Recognize and apply the standards outlined by court decisions in Fair Housing case law.
  • Be able to integrate the rules and regulations pertaining to Fair Housing laws in the real estate industry.

Fair HousingChapter 1
Lesson 1 (15 minutes)

1. 1866 Civil Rights Act
2. 1968 Federal Fair Housing Act

a. Protected Classes and Prohibitions
b. Exemptions
c. History
d. Enforcement

Chapter Quiz – 5 Minutes
Lesson 2 (15 minutes)

1. Complaint Process

a. Steps

2. Amendments

a. Families
b. Disabilities

Chapter Quiz – 5 Minutes

Chapter 2
Lesson 1 (15 minutes)1. Fair Housing and Real Estate

a. Advertising
b. Customer Service
c. NAR

Chapter Quiz – 5 Minutes

Lesson 2 (15 minutes)

1. Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter Quiz – 5 Minutes

Chapter 3
Lesson 1 (15 minutes)1. Case Law

Chapter Quiz – 5 Minutes
Lesson 2 (15 minutes)

1. Case Law

Chapter Quiz – 5 Minutes

Final Assessment – 30 minutes

Environmental Issues Course Description

HD Video Course -Instructor: Gwyn Besner

Human activity has been impacting the environment for thousands of years. Industrial, chemical, and energy-related waste materials have had an exponential effect on the environment. It has only been in the last 50 years or so that environmental laws have been enacted to protect public health, safety, and welfare, as well as preserving natural resources. These and other issues have made environmental law more and more prevalent in real estate transactions and litigation, as opposing groups seek to contain and re-mediate costs associated with contaminated sites and similar issues.


  1. Industrial Revolution
  2. Energy Consumption
  3. Synthetics
  4. Environmental Revolution
  6. Environmental Site Assessment

Substances and Environmental Risk

Lesson 1
  1. Introduction
  2. Lead
  3. Mold
Lesson 2
  1. Radon
  2. Asbestos
  3. Vermiculite
  4. Petroleum Based Contaminants
  5. Underground Storage Tanks
Lesson 3
  1. Farm Products
  2. Heavy Metals
  3. Formaldehyde
  4. PCBs and PBBs

Brownfield Remediation TC

  1. Examples

Federal and State Laws

  2. RCRA
  3. Toxic Substance Control Act
  4. Clean Air and Water Acts
  5. Safe Drinking Water Act
  6. NREPA
  7. Stigma and Value

Taxes Course Description

HD Video Course – Instructor: Gwyn Besner

It is important to realize understanding tax laws is an integral part of running a successful real estate business. The ramifications of ignorance or inaccuracy in recordkeeping, tax responsibilities, or employer/employee relationships are severe and will bring a business down in short order. There are also many aspects of real property ownership, including depreciation, deductions, exchanges and more, that will greatly affect whether a business thrives or dies. Any real estate professional who plans to run their own business should be aware of the benefits, pitfalls, and requirements surrounding property related taxes.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the benefits of real property ownership, as well as 1031 exchanges, depreciation, and loss.
  • Understand the tax responsibilities, hiring provisions and recordkeeping requirements of an employer.
  • Be able to outline the specifics of real property indebtedness.


Lesson 1 (25 minutes)

  1. Tax Liabilities
  2. Employment Taxes
    1. Social Security
    2. Medicare
    3. FUTA
  3. Hiring
  4. Documentation
  5. Reporting and Depositing
  6. Penalties
  7. Expenses
    Chapter Quiz – 8 Minutes

Lesson 2 (30 minutes)

  1. Taxable Income
  2. Home Office
  3. Recordkeeping
  4. Accounting
  5. Income Benefits of Property Ownership
    Chapter Quiz – 8 Minutes

Lesson 3 (30 minutes)

  1. Deductible Items
  2. Gains
  3. Self-Directed IRAs
    Chapter Quiz – 8 Minutes

Lesson 4 (25minutes)

  1. Partial Sales or Condemnations
  2. Depreciation
  3. Passive Loss
  4. Section 1031 Exchanges
  5. Indebtedness
  6. Case Studies
    Chapter Quiz – 8 Minutes

Final Assessment – 10 minutes


Course instructors will be available by email or telephone between 9am and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. They will assist you with questions regarding course content.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-727-7104 or send an email to Email responses will usually be returned promptly, but guaranteed within one business day.

Student policies and procedures are always available by going to our website and scrolling to the bottom of the page (See Attendance, Privacy and Refund Policy).

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