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Real Estate Core Law | Florida Approval #0018573


3 Hours Core Law | Online HD Video Class | Instructors: Gwyn Besner
This class covers the latest updates to Florida real estate law including licensing requirements, renewing your license, activities you can perform and recent law changes. 

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Course Description

This course fulfills the Florida Real Estate Commission requirements for three hours of Core Law. It will cover the latest updates to Florida real estate law, including current rules and regulations that pertain to the real estate industry. Gwyn Besner of The Acme Institute is a respected and well-known educator in Real Estate. She leads this top quality online video course that walks you through the most current updates to Florida real estate law.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the scope and purpose of each of the four parts of Chapter 475, Florida Statutes, the requirements for obtaining a real estate license, and the difference between licensure and registration
  • Describe the education requirements and procedures for renewing a real estate license
  • Describe the activities that may be legally performed by real estate brokers, sales associates, and personal assistants
  • Identify recent law changes



1. Florida License Law

Chapter 475
Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC)

Registration of Entities
License Requirements
Unlicensed Practice
Education Requirements
Mutual Recognition
State Exam

2. Licensing

DBPR Process
Inactive Licenses
Personal Assistants
Address Changes

3. Changes to Florida Statutes

Chapters 455 and 475
Chapter 61J2
Case Study
Escrow Accounts
Property Management Escrow Accounts
Broker Records
Inspections and Audits

4. Real Estate Recovery Fund and Condominium Laws

Filing a Claim
Payments and Reimbursements
Filing a Complaint
FREC Penalties
DBPR Responses to Violations
Condominium Act
Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure
Homeowners' Associations

5. Other State Laws

National and State Do-Not-Call Registries
Case Study
Federal Withholding Taxes for Foreign Sellers
National Flood Insurance Program
Floodplain Designations
Clean Water Act and the EPA

6. Final Exam

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