Required Salesperson and Broker Core: Agency and Broker Relationships | Kansas Approval #M17831


3 Salesperson and Broker Core Mandatory  Hours | Online Fully Narrated Class | Instructor:  Jenny MacDowell
This course outlines the rules of agency and the standards of practice expected as well as outlining types of misrepresentation and how to avoid legal entaglement.

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Required Salesperson and Broker Core: 
Agency and Broker Relationships



Course Description

Real estate agents are subject to a broad range of legal and ethical requirements that are designed to protect buyers, sellers and the community at large. Buyers and sellers typically will delegate authority to a real estate broker to act as their agent when conducting real estate business. When this happens, an agency relationship has been created. This relationship falls under the domain of "law of agency". 

Real estate licensees are faced with many scenarios that pose the risk of legal pitfalls. Buyers, sellers, regulatory bodies, or even other agents may bring suit or file complaints against brokers and agents for a variety of reasons. Attorneys that deal with real estate transactions report that the most common source of a real estate lawsuit is misrepresentation and nondisclosure.

This course outlines the rules of agency and the standards of practice expected as well as outlining types of misrepresentation and how to avoid legal entanglement.

After completing this course  participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and implement the broad range of legal and ethical requirements that protect buyers and sellers.
  • Be able to describe and integrate the agency relationships that are created during a real estate transaction.
  • Understand the legal issues facing real estate brokers concerning misrepresentation and disclosure laws.



Agency and Brokerage Relationships

1. History of Agency Law
2. Relationships in a Real Estate Transaction
3. Kansas Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act

Agency and Brokerage Relationships Case Law

1. Ford v Brooks
2. Woodson v DLI Properties LLC
3. Kasey Inc v Alpine Realty Now Inc
4. Duncan v. Maag
5. KMM Invs., LLC v. Ritchie
6. DeWitt Londre, v. Investment Real Estate Specialists, LLC
7. Auer v Paliath


1. Legal Issues Facing Real Estate Brokers
2. Innocent Misrepresentation
3. Negligent Misrepresentation
4. Fraudulent Misrepresentation
5. Disclosure Laws
6. Kansas Code
7. NAR Examples

Misrepresentation Case Law

1. The Furla v. Jon Douglas
2. Horn v. First Orlando Realty Management Corp
3. Marchese v. Miller, et al.
4. Beckman v. Wells Fargo Bank
5. Raffield v. Hursh
6. D&J Real Estate Servs. v. Perkins
Brinkwood Land Equities Ltd v Hilo Brokers Ltd
8. Cardoza v Reed



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