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2 Legal Updates Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | No Tests | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
Studying case law is an effective way to see how it pertains to a specific legal issue. These Michigan specific cases address many issues that are of importance to real estate professionals.

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Real Estate Case Law


Course Description

Studying case law is an effective way to see how the law plays out in the real world. These Michigan specific cases address issues that are of importance to real estate professionals, including valuation, principal residence exemptions, inverse condemnation, contract law, adverse possession, and property management.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand some long-standing principals of law that are of importance to property owners and real estate professionals
  • Understand case law and how it pertains to a specific legal issue
  • Correlate legal standards to the practice of real estate



MI 2018 Real Estate Case Law

Lesson 1

1. Assessor Valuation
2. Menards vs. City of Escanaba

Lesson 2 

1. Principal Residence Exemption
2. Contract Law
3. Inverse Condemnation

Lesson 3

1. Recording
2. Municipal Regulations and Annexation
3. Adverse Possession

Lesson 4

1. Property Management
2. Variances
3. Practicing Safe Real Estate

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