Cultural Intelligence and Real Estate | Minnesota Approval #1025244


5.25 Elective Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Lola Audu
Learn how to increase your Cultural Intelligence and its benefits in Minnesota as well as how the Fair Housing laws and Realtor Code of Ethic are beneficial to providing exceptional service to people from a variety of backgrounds.

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Cultural Intelligence and Real Estate



Course Description

Real Estate professionals across the United States increasingly operate within multi-cultural business environments which are strikingly diverse. The course is designed to equip licensees with an understanding of how to increase their Cultural Intelligence and leverage the unique benefits which can be obtained through being culturally proficient.

Students will also gain an understanding of the role of Fair Housing and how awareness of the laws and REALTOR Code of Ethics are beneficial to enhancing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and providing an exceptional level of service to people from a variety of backgrounds. This course will explore highlights of recent cases in the real estate and lending industries as they relate to Fair Housing.




Lesson 1

  • What is Culture?
  • Characteristics
  • Visible vs. Invisible Culture
  • Benefits and Liabilities of Culture

Lesson 2

  • Why Cultural Intelligence Matters
  • What is Cultural Intelligence?
  • Multi-cultural Market
  • International Buyers

Lesson 3

  • Benefits of CQ
  • Forms of Intelligence
  • CQ Assessment Tool

Lesson 4

  • Taking the Assessment
  • Key Takeaways
  • 4 CQ Capabilities


Lesson 1

  • Global Clusters
  • Cluster Groupings

Lesson 2

  • CQ Advantage
  • Values
  • Ratings
  • Personal Orientation
  • CI Teams

Lesson 3

  • Adaption Styles
  • Negotiating across Cultures

Lesson 4

  • Personal Communication Style
  • Reaching Consensus
  • Cultural Ethnocentrism
  • Cultural Sensitivity


Lesson 1

  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Unconscious Bias

Lesson 2

  • Implicit Association Test
  • Cultural Diversity

Lesson 3

  • Common Forms of Biases
  • CI Real Estate Professionals
  • Realtor Code of Ethics
  • Fair Housing

Lesson 4

  • Race, Color and National Origin
  • Disability
  • Lending
  • Disparate Impact


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