Real Estate Licensing Law | Mississippi Approval #1010294


2 Hours Licensing Law | Online Fully Narrated Class | Instructor:  Gwyn Besner & Jenny MacDowell
Learn the regulatory aspects of Mississippi real estate licensing law and provides an understanding and working knowledge of a license holder’s responsibilities and obligations related to rule changes, requirements, duties, violations, and agency.

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Mississippi Real Estate Law


Course Description

The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of Mississippi Real Estate licensing law. This course provides an understanding and working knowledge of a license holder's responsibilities and obligations related to rule changes, requirements, duties, violations and agency. This course sets out specific requirements and best practices.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of the MS Real Estate Commission, and describe how rules and regulations must be implemented.
  • Outline the pre- and post-licensure, as well as continuing education requirements for real estate candidates and licensees.
  • Summarize general and specific fiduciary duties, including responsibility for trust monies, disclosure, and agency requirements.
  • Understand the sanctions and penalties for violations of the code.


Lesson 1

1.Brokerage Relationships
2. Duties
3. Agency
4. Ministerial Acts
5. History of Agency

Lesson 2 

1. Agency Questions
2. Agency Case Law


Lesson 1 

1. Laws
2. GA Real Estate Commission
3. Application/Qualifications
4. Pre- and Post-licensing
5. Continuing Education
6. Non-Residents

Lesson 2 

1. Suspension and Revocation of License
2. Change of Address, Qualifying Broker, Managers
3. Trust Accounts
4. Recovery Fund
5. Violations, Hearings, and Review

Lesson 3 

1. Complaints and Investigations
2. Exceptions
3. Cease and Desist

Lesson 4

1. Earnest Money Procedures
2. Purpose
3, Handling
4. Responsibility
5. Deposits
6. Disbursements

TITLE 16, 43, 44, 48

Lesson 1 

1. Crimes and Offenses
2. Sanctions
3. Professions/Auctioneers
4. Property Disclosure


Lesson 1

1. Fees
2. Application
3. Experience
4. Exams
5. Deadlines
6. Denials

Lesson 2 

1. Maintaining a License
2. Post-licensing
3. Inactive and Lapsed Licenses
4. Renewals
5. Transactions
6. Records and Documents


Lesson 1 

1. Questions and Answers

Final Assessment 

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