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300 Question Practice Exam | Real Estate Exam Prep


Exam Prep | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
This 300 question practice exam is to help you pass the exam.

It is the closest practice exam to the real test!

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Real Estate 300 Question Practice Exam

The testing services regularly gather with committees of professionals who are subject matter experts in real estate practice and regulatory issues. They then develop test questions which reflect the industry. The questions in this sample exam are written using the same rules of engagement the test writers must adhere to. In no fashion do we represent that these are exact questions which you will encounter on the exam. They are bases on the topics which are found in the candidate information bulletins. 

You may take each test as many times as you like. You may skip a question, and come back to it later, or use the “Show Answer” button to check your answers as you go along.

The more you practice, and take time to comprehend the reasoning behind each question, the better you will do. We hope you enjoy the course, and Good Luck!

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