Broker Responsibility 2019-2020 | Texas Approval #35367


6 Broker Responsibilities Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
Learn the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. The class provides an understanding and working knowledge of a broker’s responsibilities and obligations under 22 TAC §535.2.

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Broker Responsibility Course



Course Description

The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas. The course provides an understanding and working knowledge of a broker’s responsibilities and obligations under 22 TAC §535.2. This rule sets out specific requirements and best practices for brokers.

Section 535.92 of the Texas Real Estate Commission Rules requires a broker or a designated broker of a business entity who sponsors sales agents, and a license holder who is a delegated supervisor of one or more license holders, to complete this six-hour broker responsibility course to renew a license. Any license holder may take this course, which counts for six hours of CE elective credit. Additionally, a sponsoring broker may, by policy, require certain license holders and employees to take this course.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the role of TREC, and describe how broker rules and regulations must be implemented in the practice of real estate in Texas.
  • Be able to manage a business entity, and ensure employees and independent contractors are qualified to perform the work in accordance with specifications and requirements.
  • Summarize general and specific fiduciary duties, including responsibility for trust monies, property management, advertising, and teams and groups.
  • Understand the sanctions and penalties for violations of the Texas code.

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Purpose
  • Who Must Take This Course?
  • Standard Test for Course Now Required
  • Regulations for Brokers
  • TREC Rules §535.2 – Broker Responsibility (underlined text new as of 1/1/19)

Chapter 2: Scope of Activity and Competency

  • Authority and Competency – Definitions
  • Authorizing Scope of Brokerage Acts an Agent Can Perform
  • Competency
  • Proper Training and Mentoring

Chapter 3: Fiduciary Responsibility/Agency

  • Listing and Other Brokerage Services Agreements in Broker's Name
  • Sharing Commissions with Attorneys
  • Attorneys as Brokers
  • What is the Broker-Lawyer Committee?
  • Use of Standard Contract Forms – (TREC Rules §537.11)
  • A Real Estate License Not a Law License

Chapter 4: Trust Accounts

  • Commingling Funds

Chapter 5: Property Management

  • Property Management Responsibilities – TREC Rules §535.2(d)
  • Authority and Duties Under the Property Management Agreement
  • Federal, State, and Local Laws and Regulations for Property Management

Chapter 6: Delegated Supervisors and Teams

  • Delegated Supervisor Responsibilities and Broker Liability
  • New Requirements for Heads of Teams
  • Best Practices for Managing Teams

Chapter 7: Advertising and Registration of Names

  • New Advertising Rules
  • What's in a Name? Advertising Name Types
  • Which Type of Name Is It?
  • Advertisements – TREC Rules §535.154 and §535.155
  • Advertising About the Value of a Property
  • Broker Price Opinion, Comparative Market Analysis or Sales Price Estimate – TREC Rules §535.17

Chapter 8: Written Policies

  • Review of Required Policies and Procedures

Chapter 9: Additional Broker Duties

  • Record Keeping – TREC Rules §535.2(h)
  • Responding to Agents, Clients and Other License Holders – TREC Rules §535.2(k)

Chapter 10: Application and Background History Processing and Complaints

  • Overview of TREC Application Processing
  • Background History for Sales Agents or Brokers
  • Complaints
  • Complaint Investigation and Disposition (TRELA §1101.204)

Appendix A: Use of Standard Contract Forms (TREC Rules §537.11)

Appendix B: Elective Qualifying Real Estate Courses to Meet SAE License Requirements

Appendix C: Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint and/or Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Appendix D: Lead-Safe Certification

Appendix E: Use of Unlicensed Assistants in Real Estate Transactions

Appendix F: §535.154 Registration and Use of Alternate, Team and Assumed Business Names Used in Advertisements

Appendix G: Advertising FAQs – as of 9/1/18

Appendix H: Complaint Investigation and Disposition (Texas Occupations Code)

Civil Rights and Fair Housing

Americans With Disabilities Act

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