Essential Customer Service Tips for Real Estate Agents

There is more to being a real estate agent than merely putting up homes for sale. In order to help clients and close deals, you need to know how to properly communicate and transfer vital information. In fact, as most experienced real estate agents will tell you, learning how to handle customers is key to being a successful real estate agent. With that in mind, we will give you some essential customer service tips for real estate agents.

Must-know customer service tips for real estate agents

While we will try to cover all the vital details of customer services for real estate agents, it is important to note that customer service is a skill in its own right. The top builders and real estate agents know how to present themselves and how to talk with clients. Almost all of them develop their own style and voice, which comes off as natural and welcoming. Developing this style takes years of experience, which is why we implore you to keep seeking tips and advice, even after reading our article.

Friendly communication

The first thing to note is that you have to be friendly. There is hardly a successful real estate agent out there that is not outspoken, welcoming, and overall cordial. So, in order to have a better rapport with your clients, you need to learn how to put on a friendly smile.

The critical thing here is not to overdo it. A lot of people push themselves too hard and end up being overly amiable. This can come off as awkward or even unpleasant, which is something that you definitely want to avoid. For people who don't have a naturally friendly demeanor, achieving this balance might be problematic since there is a fine line between being not friendly enough and being too much. But, by talking with your coworkers and analyzing your experiences with clients, you should be able to figure out how to present yourself as courteous yet natural.

Understand your customers

It is usually quite difficult for new real estate agents to understand the motives and the line of thinking that most customers have. Most expect that clients will be rational, well-meaning, and honest about their desires and limitations. But, as you will find out if you haven't so far, your clients' attitudes can vary greatly. They can be confused, temperamental, easy to sway with pretty (yet fundamentally unimportant) things, and hard to convince. They can be stubborn, overconfident, and even disrespectful. So, the key thing here is to understand them and position yourself properly.

Know that your customers look for you for guidance, whether they admit so or not. For some, you will be a helpful adviser that will let the customer take the rains, only stopping them if they are making a huge mistake. For others, you will be a full-fledged guide that will help them make the most out of their endeavor. So, try to see what your customers are like. That way, you will avoid getting bad reviews and figure out how to position yourself properly.

Clear, simple information

Another way in which real estate agents miscommunicate with their clients is that they don't present information in a transparent manner. Don't expect your clients to understand the intricacies and professional details of real estate, especially if this is their first time dealing with it. If you have some new information to present, you need to do so in a simple, easy-to-follow way. If you don't think that you can give all the information right now, don't push it. The more you can be short-and-sweet yet remain precise and informative, the easier it will be for your customers to understand you and make the right decision.

Build relationships

For some clients, you will do more than fine by keeping a cold, professional relationship. If you try to be friendly, you will simply run into a brick wall that demands information and efficiency, and that's OK. As we said, you need to learn to adjust to your customers. But, for most, the best advice for real estate agents is to try and build a solid relationship. Your customers are more likely to trust you if they feel that you are on their side. And the only way to make that possible is to build up a relationship.

A simple conversation about something unrelated to real estate can do you a world of good when it comes to building trust. Just try to naturally stray away from the subjects you are discussing (most of which will be about real estate). If they are looking for a family home, get them to talk about their kids. If they are moving to a new area, talk about their plans, and help them find the right professional assistance on The more you can get them to share, the closer they will feel to you. Also, don't shy away from sharing personal info. The more they see you as human, the closer they will feel. Keep in mind that all of these are merely ideas to consider. You will need to feel your customers out and see how they react to questions and/or personal information.

Patience is a virtue

The last of our customer service tips for real estate agents is the one that is hardest to incorporate, and that is that patience is a virtue. Some clients may be challenging to please, and the best way to deal with them is to learn how to keep yourself calm yet assertive. Don't get us wrong though, the situation will come when you will have to take a stand. But, as a rule of thumb, you should always try to keep a professional, guiding demeanor.



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