Ways to Find Your Real Estate Business Niche

If you're getting into real estate for the first time, the worst thing you can do is to jump in it without a plan. Of course, you can say that you'll be the biggest rockstar in the business one day, but that isn't the plan we're talking about. Instead, you need to make a plan to get there, and the first step is to learn about ways to find your real estate niche.

The truth is that knowing a little bit about everything will get you nowhere. You want to be the agent that knows a lot about one thing. That's where you get yourself an edge over your competitors.

As we can see from the essential customer service tips for real estate agents, you must understand your clients to do well. This is the tricky part, but only if you didn't pick the right niche. If you guide yourself by your personality, passion, and skill set, you'll choose one where you can excel.

Let's see how you can do that.

Why Do You Need a Niche?

Often, aspiring agents don't think that a niche is necessary. At the end of the day, if you're licensed, you're qualified to sell any type of real estate. So, why would you limit yourself? Well, here are a few excellent reasons.

You'll Become an Expert

When you specialize in one thing, you become an expert in it. You'll know pretty much everything there is about any area you choose, and that will set you apart from any generalists. Not only will you be able to market yourself as an expert, but the results will show it as well.

Remember, clients won't choose you because you have a license. They'll choose you if they believe that you can help them buy or sell a property. And being a verified expert indeed inspires their trust.

You'll Build a Name for Yourself

If you start marketing yourself as an expert for one field, it won't take long until people recognize this.

For example: If they want to sell their office space, they'll know that you're the person to go with. And if you manage to get them a reasonable price, they'll refer you to their friends in similar situations. Suddenly, you'll get more calls seemingly out of thin air.

Also, when you're networking with other people from the industry, be sure to tell them about your specialty. If they ever need such services, the chances are that you'll be the person they'll turn to.

A real estate agent showing a house.

If you decide to follow the ways to find your real estate niche, you'll build a name for yourself pretty quickly.

If you decide to follow the ways to find your real estate niche, you'll build a name for yourself pretty quickly.

Alt-tag: A real estate agent showing a house.

People Will Find You Online

The average buyer, or seller for that matter, starts their search on the web. If you create your online presence so that it revolves around the keywords important for your niche — you'll have much higher chances of being found through a simple Google search.

Although they aren't a real estate company, storage experts from zippyshelllouisiana.com did great with this kind of approach. They found a gap in the market of portable storage, and they made their move. Now, people easily find them thanks to it, and they get additional services from them for convenience.

You can do the same thing with your real estate site. But there are a couple more aces you'll have to have up your sleeve.

Stand Out From the Crowd

You can't afford to be the same as others. If you choose to buy and sell everything that finds its way to your table, your chances of becoming a rockstar are slim.

As we established, you want to find something you're passionate about and learn more about it. You want to understand all the pain points of the people buying such properties and how to help them.

Now, let's talk about the ways to find your real estate niche.

How to Find the Right Niche?

Even if you know that you need a niche, it can be hard to pick just one thing you're going to do from now on. But there are tricks and shortcuts you can use to make the most of it. Here's what you should think about.

Do You Want to Represent Buyers or Sellers?

For many people, this is the most difficult thing to choose.

Of course, if you love working with first-time home buyers and you love that sense of accomplishment when you find them the perfect place, you should go for working with buyers. On the other hand, you may also like to negotiate and get the top dollar for your client's homes. So, should you go for working with sellers instead?

And that's the tricky bit. You need to figure out what you like more. Sure, you can go with both and switch your modes on the go, but that will become tiring very quickly. It's a much better idea to focus on one aspect of the market and learn how to do it well.

A woman near a sold sign thinking about ways to find your real estate niche.

Determine if you want to sell or buy houses from now on.

Research the Market in Your Area

Knowing your market inside-out is the key to success. Therefore, choose your target neighborhood, and start reading about it. Learn who buys the homes in it and why they buy them. Also, try to find out why people are selling their homes here.

Here are a few great resources to start your research:

Follow Your Heart

Okay, we know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. There's an old saying that goes: If you love what you do — you won't work a day in your life. And if you enjoy getting out of bed every morning to get to your office, it won't be hard for you to become successful.

So, find a niche that keeps igniting that spark in your eye. Maybe it's corporate space, perhaps it's green living, and it can even be tiny homes. If you feel a connection with something, try doing it exclusively. You'll be surprised by how well it will go.

Get Certified

Once you know what you want to do, it's time to make it official. When you take a course for a specific niche and get your license, your reputation will grow. It's a step that will open lots of new doors for you, so be sure not to skip it.

A person holding a certificate.

Getting certified for the niche you want to work with is the way to seal the deal.


If you want to build a successful career as a real estate agent, you have to find your specialty, and these ways to find your real estate niche will help you get there. It will be a long journey, and you'll have to learn a lot. However, it will pay off. That, we can promise.

Features of a Successful Real Estate Website

If you're a real estate agent who wants to reach new clients, you must have a website. The internet has become such an integral part of our lives that more than half of people who buy a house first look for properties online. Moreover, 99% of millennials, which are a target audience for many, say that they looked for homes on the web. So, the need is there, and people will visit your site when you make it. However, if you want to sell, you need to meet the customer's expectations. And to help you do that, we'll take a look at the features of a successful real estate website.

One thing you need to understand is that first impressions are everything here. If people can get around your site and find what they came to see, they can quickly turn into leads. They'll feel like they've come to the right place, and that's what you want, especially if we're talking about first-time home buyers. You'll get a chance to nurture them throughout their journey and find them the house they want.

That's what it's all about right there. But let's see what your website needs to have if you want to get to that point.

Easy navigation

The first thing you want to pay attention to is navigation. Your site must be user-friendly and easy to navigate through. The best way to achieve that is by using simple menus and clearly marking every option and section on your pages.

For example, don't try to come up with a clever name for your bio page - you don't need it. Adding a simple ''About'' option in a menu will do you just fine, believe us. Also, if you have sections of the site that are for specific content only, label them. Explain to your visitors what they're looking at, and they'll appreciate it more.

All in all, you want to make a site that they'll intuitively know how to use. But user experience will be even better if you follow through with the design.

Two women in front of a laptop talking about features of a successful real estate website.

Easy navigation is one of the features of a successful real estate website you can't go without.

Clean design

Design is another thing that is almost as important as easy navigation. When you make all the content on your site look tidy and organized, visitors can scan it and read it with ease. Here are some guidelines on what you want to have in terms of web design.

  • A header with a logo and menu
  • Properly arranged content by topic or type
  • Clean lines
  • Organized text that doesn't clutter the page
  • A footer with contact information and social media buttons

Of course, building a website is not something you should do on your own, and neither is maintaining it afterward. So, it's a good idea to let experts deal with this. Explore a bit, tell them what you want from a site, and they'll tell you how you can get that.

Property listings

We're talking about the features of a successful real estate website, so how can we skip property listings? Naturally, you'd want to have a whole section dedicated to these, and you should put quite a bit of focus on it.

Arrange your listings by a zip code or neighborhood, and allow users to filter them. It'll make it easy for your future clients to find what they're looking for, but the crucial thing here is to update listings regularly. Thanks to this, people will know that you're active and ready to do business.

A model of a house on a table.

Not only do you need to have property listings on your site, but you also have to update them regularly.

Educational blog

It's not a secret that your audience will trust you more if you can teach them something. And this works to your benefit, as well. The more people trust you, the more of them will contact you, and you'll be able to get more deals. So, don't be afraid to use your site to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

Write about anything you think your readers will find interesting and valuable. Topics about home buying, owning, or remodeling will all do great. Content marketing is one of the best new real estate marketing strategies to expand your business, so be sure to hop on that train as soon as possible.

Of course, if you don't have time to write blog posts by yourself, or if you're not skilled at writing, you can outsource this part of the job. There's plenty of companies that will do this for you, and you won't have to worry about the quality of the articles.

High-quality photos

The images visitors see on your website will play a significant role in how they see you and your business. Hence, all the photos on your site must be as high-quality as possible. And here, we mean on both your property listings and the pictures that are a part of your website design.

It's worth mentioning that this is where you can get creative. Photos are there to draw people in, and you can experiment and find what works the best for you. Drone shots are a big deal these days, and more and more real estate agents love to use them. Try fitting them to your site and find out why they're so popular.

If you pay attention to your photos, people will see that you pay attention to detail. You'll come out as highly professional, and that will reflect on your sales in a good way.

A drone shot of a street.

Drone photos are both interesting to see and use for real estate.

Mobile responsiveness

Smartphones are one of the tools that made working with real estate in the age of COVID-19 possible. We all used them for virtual tours, and we still use them for that. However, that's not all phones are used these days. As a matter of fact, more than half of all searches on Google in 2020 were done from a mobile device, and that means something.

It means that mobile-friendliness is one of the must-have features of a successful real estate website. Go with it, and you can be sure that your site will be accessible to a larger audience.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies to Expand Your Business

Marketing in real estate is one of the most relevant aspects of any successful agency. Whether your business is already successful or you are just starting up, you will need constant visibility. Add to that the current overwhelming increase in online house viewings and shopping in general. The real estate marketing strategies to expand your business are more relevant than ever before. Take a look at some options available to you that can help you accomplish your goals without breaking a sweat.

Ways of marketing your business

There is an abundance of techniques to market your business. Modern technology offers infinite opportunities and options. You need to research what works best for you and what approach to take when it comes to real estate. Some of your options may be:

  • Website adds
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Postal marketing

Your approach will depend on your location, who you target, and how much you are prepared to invest.

Market research

This is one of the crucial steps in your strategies to expand your business. If you have not done it already, consider getting some real estate training to become familiar with all the essential steps. If you are already a pro, you know the impact this first stage has on your business. You want to familiarize yourself with who precisely you are targeting in your pursuit. What are the needs in your particular location? Who are the clients that you are focusing on? Also, decide whether you are targeting a wider audience or concentrating on a specific—niche market. Do you want to follow the lead of others in the field, or do you perhaps have something up your sleeve for that particular group of buyers? This will vastly change your approach, and it will help you get the absolute best results.

Work on your online presence to expand your business

We are all well aware of the importance of online presence for any type of business. If you are not online, it is like you do not exist. This is one of the real estate marketing strategies to expand your business that you should give utmost importance to. It is relatively inexpensive and not too complicated to stay on top of. If you are not particularly tech-savvy, have no fear; there are plenty of experienced professionals to help you out.

A laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone lined up on a desk

Enhance your online presence as one of the marketing strategies to expand your business

You want to make sure that it is done correctly and that it attracts as many clients as possible. Here are a few areas to focus on:

  1. Build a website. If it has been unclear by now, this is an absolute must for being and staying present on the market.
  2. Use social media. There is an array of platforms to choose from, and these can easily be automatically connected so that you are present everywhere with just one click.
  3. Advertise on search engines for additional pay.
  4. Hire a social media expert. It has become common for businesses to have someone take care of the social media aspect. If the online presence is too much for you to handle, these experts will save you.

Get your hands on some high-quality photographs

It may seem obvious, but sometimes it isn't easy to budget this in, so hiring someone to take photos of your business is left for an imaginary time in the distant future. However, it would be best if you did not wait but did it as soon as possible. Do not underestimate the power of photographs on your website and social media. They could deter as many potential buyers as they can attract. In addition to that, the current climate demands virtual house tours, and the presence of videos and detailed, high-quality pictures is crucial. In the age of COVID-19, many potential buyers will try their best to avoid in-person viewings until they are visually attracted to an outstanding property. This is where your extensive gallery will have a significant impact.

A living room with a grey sofa, wooden coffee table, and blue wall art

Make sure you invest in good quality photographs and videos

Why not consider CRM as one of the real estate marketing strategies to expand your business?

Many companies are turning to customer relationship management (CRM) to help with that customer interaction in the best way possible. If you are struggling to find the right digital marketing strategy, a CRM solution is worth considering. This way, your business can be more in touch with what is in current demand. This approach can help you analyze the past or existing trends and understand how to plan for the future. Your real estate business will thrive in more ways than one. Your customer service will be more efficient, your team will operate better, and you will have the consistency that will draw in more clients than you have ever imagined.

The word-of-mouth

Even though we live in a technologically advanced world, the importance of referrals between clients is still substantial. We all ask our friends for advice when we know they have gone through a similar experience. This is the opinion we value and trust the most. It is no different when it comes to real estate. There are many ways of increasing client referrals to boost your sales. Try to make a great impression on your clients and colleagues. Your professionalism will encourage them to recommend your business whenever they can. But if you want to increase your chances nonetheless, you can offer some incentives to your clients. Suggest a referral bonus or any perk that you see fit to a person that refers you to a new client.

A woman speaking into a megaphone

Encourage word-of-mouth to advertise your business

Final words

Regardless of how successful your business is, there is always room for growth. Recent years have deemed real estate marketing strategies to expand your business essential. The important thing is to take advantage of these and as many other strategies as possible to increase and grow what you have. If you feel uncomfortable with some of the options, you can always hire an expert to assist you. Plan your marketing budget well and dive in. There are many ways to market your real estate business without breaking a bank. If you are looking to go big, it may seem costly initially, but it will more than pay off when those clients start pouring in.

The Best Cities for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Suppose you're starting your career as a real estate agent or considering moving to another city with better possibilities. In that case, you're probably wondering which places in the U.S. have the most promising markets. Let's look at the list of the best cities to be a real estate agent in 2021.

Key points to consider

The following list of the best cities to be a real estate agent in 2021 is made according to these key points:

  • What is the real estate agent's median salary in this city? Income is likely the most important factor to consider when starting a career or moving elsewhere.
  • What’s the cost of living in this city? A high salary in an expensive city is usually less attractive than a lower salary in an affordable town. So, it would be best if you considered the affordability.
  • Is there a demand for real estate agents in this city? If there’s a high median income and low cost of living, that’s great, but are there enough job opportunities?
  • Home turnover rate - It's essential to check the percentage of sold properties in the previous year in a particular city.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is one of the most important metropolitan destinations in the U.S. It's not just because of the film business and fantastic scenery, but also because of the amazing architecture, excellent restaurants, and many brilliant tech companies. It's one of the most ethnically expansive and diverse cities which is constantly evolving. Therefore, the Los Angeles area attracts the wealthiest people. Licensed real estate agents have great opportunities to open their horizons and service the most eccentric clients with many creative ideas.

Los Angeles - One of the best cities to be a real estate agent in 2021

L.A. is a city where you can have many wealthy clients and excellent commissions.

Newport Beach, California

There is a wide variety of properties in Newport Beach, California, and many have very high values. Therefore, this city attracts many different types of buyers. There are many popular types of homes available, such as:

  • Charming homes on the sand
  • Luxurious homes on the water
  • Exclusive villas with ocean views
  • Standard homes

Even though a good knowledge of the overall market is necessary to operate here, real estate agents can make a great network and expect very high compensation for their work.

New York City, New York

New York is known as the city that never sleeps, which is especially true for real estate. Real estate agents here often show properties until 9 PM and take calls even after that time. Then, when a new day starts, they are busy again with morning meetings from as early as 7 AM.

If you want to be a real estate agent in this city, you must plan to be very flexible with your time, as the demand for apartments is very high. New York is great for agents who are hard-working, reliable, precise, confident, and ready to improve their skills constantly. Furthermore, markets with a young population, such as New York City, are suitable for an agent specialized in rentals.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle tops this list of the best cities to be a real estate agent in 2021. Homes here don't stay long on the market, and there are solid real estate job opportunities. In addition, Seattle's robust tech industry and many other factors draw people to move there and buy real estate.

Seattle skyline

Seattle has a strong real estate market and many job opportunities.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a very affordable place to live, and it offers many innovative amenities. That’s what attracts many homebuyers. Agents with a Texas real estate license can expect to have a higher salary than the country’s average.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale ranks very high in the number of real estate agent jobs. The city's median single-family home price rises each year, so agent’s commissions become bigger as well.

Tampa, Florida

Tampa offers attractive home prices, which are pretty low compared to other markets in Florida. So, homes here sell very fast. Homebuyers are amazed by:

  • Beautiful waterfront parks
  • Large public bike trails
  • Gorgeous tree-lined streets
  • Picturesque historic neighborhoods
  • Modern skyscrapers and a bustling downtown
  • Countless cultural institutions
  • And, of course, mild and sunny weather throughout the year.

That's also why real estate agents love living and working here (in addition to a good salary and thriving real estate market).

Denver, Colorado

Denver is currently one of the leading real estate markets in the entire U.S. There is a high demand for homes, lots of cash investors, so homes sell very fast in general. As a result, agents can find many work opportunities here, and this trend will probably continue in the future.

Denver landscape

Denver is one of the best cities to be a real estate agent in 2021.

Washington, D.C.

The nation's capital is excellent for real estate agents because it offers plenty of opportunities. The city ranks very high in terms of agents' annual median wage and real-estate employment growth. In addition, D.C.’s overall job market is strong. There are many jobs in Government, the tech industry, and the hospitality industry, so more and more people are buying homes here after finding a perfect job. Therefore, real estate agents are in high demand.

Moving your business to one of the best cities to be a real estate agent

Moving your business to a different location is never easy. Thus, those real estate agents who decide to transfer their businesses elsewhere should make an informed decision and consider all the crucial factors and pros and cons of moving to a particular city. Moving your business consists of many time-consuming tasks, so it can take weeks to plan. Support and help from your family and friends may be very helpful in this process. Also, you should make to-do lists and hire adequate professional service for many tasks ahead of you. With a good plan and good organization, the relocation of your business can be smooth and successful, and you can continue with your work in no time.


Real estate agents have many great options for life and work throughout the U.S. Each of the listed best cities to be a real estate agent in 2021 has favorable conditions where you can thrive. Of course, not every city suits every lifestyle, but after doing thorough research, you’ll be able to determine which one is ideal for you.

A Real Estate Agent’s Role In Home Renovations Explained

There are things that every real estate agent should know when assisting in home improvement projects, such as their rights and limitations.

Real estate agents can assist clients in home improvement projects. They represent either sellers or buyers. Sellers can hire an agent to help them fix up the property and stage it. On the other hand, buyers may want help to get the property into move-in condition. When homeowners realize how complicated renovations are with hundreds of decisions that need to be made, they search for an experienced advisor – a real estate agent known for excellent customer service. Often, a client may have an extensive list of wants for the project, such as fixing the door, replacing roof tiles, fixing cabinets, replacing screens, fixing toilets, and much, much more. There are some things that every real estate agent should know when assisting in home improvement projects, such as their rights and limitations, so let's see what they are.

What form of assistance can a real estate agent provide when it comes to home improvement?

Preferably, a real estate agent should have experience in architecture, design, and construction so they can provide referrals for the renovation team, such as:

  • General contractor
  • Painter
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Engineer
  • Carpenter
  • Sound and lighting specialists
  • Permit facilitator
  • Landscape architect, etc.

They can also provide a list of furniture showrooms, recommend appliances, color schemes, furniture placement, and room design.

Some people don't want to get into decorating details, so they will ask the person they hired for assistance. That's because they trust them to make those decisions, and it leaves them with less work to do and fewer decisions to make.

Clients need to trust real estate agents in the renovation process because agents can make important decisions for them.

Clients need to trust real estate agents in the renovation process because agents can make important decisions for them.

Usual duties of an agent during the renovation project

One of the things that every real estate agent should know when assisting in a home improvement project is that they can be present from concept through completion. Clients save time by not looking for individuals for each job, and everyone benefits.

An agent can make a referral for few general contractors from their real estate network, and each can provide a bid. Then the client can choose the one they find the best.

Sometimes clients may contact the renovation company that will give them a plan. However, maybe they won't understand the drawings, or they are just overwhelmed with the number of decisions. There comes the agent with a suggestion about redesigning the space in a way clients may never imagine themselves.

Real estate agents have a consultant role. They are the homeowner’s representative from the moment they step into the renovation process. They can offer opinions on design and construction and keep the renovation process on track.

An agent can come at each stage of work and approve it with the general contractor so that the work can move forward. If there is a problem, they can suggest what to do and discuss it with the contractor.

Agents can also advise clients to move out during renovation because living in a house under construction is a terrible idea. It can significantly slow down the work and prolong it.

A man standing in front of the house for sale

There are many things that every real estate agent should know when assisting in home improvement projects, including the local laws.

What background should a real estate agent have?

Some real estate agents have architecture degrees, and they had careers as architects, but then they decided to add a real estate license. They can help buyers find a home and renovate it and help sellers get one ready for sale.

Real estate agents are professional experts who can add a lot of value to the home with their ideas. So, they are often hired as renovation consultants, especially if they have a design background and vision. They can provide excellent aesthetic advice and recommend everyone a client may need to fix up their home.

What are the limitations?

It depends on the state, but usually, every individual or firm that performs construction work must be licensed during the performance of the work. This applies to contractors, material or equipment suppliers, consultants, architects, and engineers. Real estate agents must be familiar with all of this if they don't want to lose their commission or get into any kind of trouble.

In most cases, the agent won't get a payment for acting as a contractor, but just the fee for operating within their real estate license capacity. They must be cautious when taking on responsibilities that require a contractors' license. The best thing to do is to consult an attorney before taking any project.

The critical points that real estate agents should know and respect are:

  • Let the client (homeowner) contact the contractor directly
  • Never directly pay the contractor
  • Do not oversee the projects

Understandably, real estate agents want to do the most they can for their clients. However, the guidelines mentioned above are important things that real estate agents should keep in mind when assisting in home improvement projects. Agents must understand there are limits to what they can do under the law and respect those limits.

Home renovations during COVID-19

One more thing that a real estate agent should know when assisting in home improvement projects is that remodeling during COVID-19 is possible because there are strict safety measures to follow. Proper hygiene and sanitation at the site must be maintained. There must be a source of running water at the construction site. Furthermore, people must wear masks for the entire duration of their work and sanitize their hands regularly. Eye protection and gloves are preferable, but social distancing is an absolute must.

There are also other safety tips to keep in mind, considering that many things can be done remotely in the real estate industry. When the real estate agent needs to talk to the client regarding the details of a remodeling project, they should meet on Zoom or Skype and have a video call. Texts and e-mails are also great for presenting some design ideas and other data.

Two women on a video call

During the COVID-19 pandemic, agents should assist through video calls and e-mails.

Final thoughts

Some people underestimate how complicated a renovation job may be. When they are unsure what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how to start, hiring an honest and reliable agent is the best possible decision. The crucial thing that every real estate agent should know when assisting in home improvement projects is that creating a home is much more than just finding a place to store the stuff. It means including many details and having a great vision and plan. A professional with multiple skills who understands aesthetics is all that clients need.

The Impact of Remote Working on the Housing Market

Some people still remember the old dial-up internet connection. Sometimes, it would take as long as a minute to load a particular page. And imagining doing any kind of serious work was a completely absurd thought. Fortunately, things are entirely different now. Today, almost everyone has access to high-speed internet connections. And the majority of businesses use it, one way or another. It is one of the backbones of whole industries, and functioning without it now seems impossible. As a result, working from home and even attending professional development courses from home have also become an ordinary thing, especially lately. However, that brings specific changes in how businesses operate and from where. Meanwhile, employees, employers, and real estate agents are starting to wonder about the impact of remote working on the housing market.

How significant is the impact of remote working on the housing market?

Given the recent changes forced upon the business world by inconvenient medical events, everyone is trying to adapt. And chances are, after all the adaption is complete, the remote working trend will remain for a while. Maybe even for good. If the researches are true, remote working is reducing business costs. In addition, it increases productivity by a significant measure. With such unexpected results, the housing market will have to adjust accordingly.

So let's take a look at current and possible changes we might expect:

Some people will leave expensive cities.

Besides those who really enjoy the city crowd, most of the workforce will probably leave large cities. Places like New York and San Francisco are costly, and most people who live there do so only because of their jobs. But, if you give them the opportunity to keep the job and live in a more affordable location, you can guess the outcome. Having a well-paid job without worrying about monthly bills is definitely a just goal. With this in mind, some of the residents are already calculating their moving budgets. As a real estate agent, you'll have to adapt and offer some tips to your clients. Looking in the long run, this will probably lower the demand in those expensive places. With lower demand, prices will undoubtedly go down. Eventually, it will balance the discrepancies that have lasted for quite some time now.

A pass between two buildings in one of the business centers.

There is no need to stay in large business centers with remote working.

Remote working will affect the demand for specific housing options.

With more people shifting toward remote working, a large percentage of those will work from home. With this in mind, many are already implementing a home office. Those who haven't, but plan to relocate, are now looking for different housing options. Because now they can afford a more spacious home, the home office has become one of the requirements. And not only that. Once you have the opportunity to customize your working space, the appetite rises. As they need to spend more time at home, they will need larger outdoors and even indoor gyms. People will ask for modern, tech-oriented features, like hi-tech appliances and energy-efficient solutions. Most older homes will have to go through the renovation stage to stay competitive on the market.

The contractor installing solar panels on the roof.

A lot of older houses will require contractors to implement energy-efficient solutions.

Even real estate is going remote.

Brokers will face difficult decisions if the remote work trend continues. There might be less and less demand for traditional apartments and similar housing options. They will eventually have to invest a lot to adapt all the property in their area. But, there is another option. They can change the way they work by following these remote trends. And this is precisely what some of them are already doing.

With a full embrace of technology, most aspects of the real estate job can be done remotely:

  • There are already virtual tours instead of open houses.
  • Modern communication apps allow easy interviews with tenants.
  • All security checks are accomplished online.
  • Digital certificates enable dealing with all the documentation.
  • You can even schedule maintenance and renovation tasks with contractors over the internet.

And these are just some of the benefits the entire remote philosophy is bringing to the table.

Making a business agreement with another person online.

Brokers can manage all their business tasks online.

Real estate agencies can expand to more distant locations.

All the potential shifting happening in the housing market is fundamentally reshaping real estate. But not necessarily for worse. Fortunately, brokers will have the opportunity to benefit by expanding the business to more distant locations. With all the remote options we previously discussed, great possibilities are emerging. These newfound potentialities will make it viable to control and handle far markets. Basically, you won't have to focus on one area, you can expand to both suburbs and the more distant regions, and more far-away cities as well. With online payments being one of the primary ways of transferring money, it is only a matter of time when all the payment procedures will be completely automated.

Remote investments

This remote control and automation could lead to an increase in remote investment. Since real estate agencies will be expanding their influence to other areas, people will have an easier time investing in distant property. They will also help people manage their property online as well. With all the advancement in technology, and all the remote working trends going on, living near your investment will no longer be necessary. This principle pretty much already works fine in several other business areas.

Will the remote working trends and changes stay?

In all honesty, people are aware that investing in a constantly changing housing market can be tricky. Especially now when changes are still without firm foundations. Also, the percentage of remote workers themselves believe that these trends are only temporary. Many expect to be back in their offices once the crisis is over. On the other side, some claim that this was inevitable, a sort of long-expected business evolution. Also, some people just can't decide if they like offices or remote working more. And this can reflect on the housing markets in unpredictable ways.

But the key is to find a middle ground between all the sides. In general, some larger companies are already seriously considering solutions. Opening remote offices all around the globe could be the right move. It will allow companies to get cheaper offices and almost eliminate commuting for employees. Everyone could be working everywhere if the nature of the business allows.

A young man browsing the internet on his laptop in a café.

The old stereotype of a remote worker is far from the truth.

Today, we realize that a remote worker is not a typical stereotype packed into a young freelancer working from the internet café.  It's an average businessman earning his salary by dealing with all the business demands online. And those average businessmen have different concerns when it comes to their housing options. The impact of remote working on the housing market is significant and will probably have an even more considerable influence in the future. Maybe some of them will not permanently leave their offices for the sake of working from home. But, all signs are pointing at the fact that it's something inevitable we might expect in years to come.



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