Real Estate in the Age of COVID-19 – How to Adjust

Nowadays, we are caught in a situation that nobody could have expected a few months ago. Last year, we were thinking about our plans and future vacations in 2020. However, our current reality is much different, since we are living and functioning in the age of Covid-19. While our wellbeing should come first, after some time, we must ask ourselves: what about our jobs and the economy?

Many industries were negatively impacted by the pandemic, but the real estate market is still staying strong. Yet, there are some major changes that must be made. Since social distancing is the main recommended measure against Covid-19, real estate agents are caught in a pickle. However, there is room for adjustment, and there shouldn't be any room for despair.

During the age of Covid-19 make sure you educate yourself

As a real estate agent, you should be always on your toes, ready to answer all sorts of questions. Now more then ever, you must be prepared. During the COVID pandemic, there are many serious buyers and sellers. Most people are looking to move from crowded places to places with less traffic and fewer people. Thus, you should seize this unique business opportunity.

Person using hand sanitizer

One of the things that everybody must know is that we must pay extra attention to our hygiene.

Grab the bull by the horns and approach every buyer seriously. More than anything, be prepared to put them at ease and calm their fears. You can only accomplish this goal if your fears are in check, so make sure to stay well educated on the matter of this vicious virus and its impact on our lives. Moving forward will not be an option if you don’t cover everything there is to know.

Face-to-face meetings are still an option

Since meeting in person might not be currently on the menu, put technology to good use. Use it to your advantage as the next best thing. There are many conference call platforms, such as Zoom, Google Hangout, etc., that you can use to virtually communicate face-to-face with your clients. Certainly, a simple phone call is always an option. Still, seeing your client at least over the screen is much more personal. It gives you a better opportunity to dazzle them and secure their future business.

A phone with the Zoom App opened

If you are looking for a platform for conference calls, Zoom is a great option.

Open houses can be done virtually

Every real estate agent knows that an open house is their golden ticket to selling a property. Not being able to organize them is a huge handicap for all professionals in this field. However, where there is a will, there is a way, so there is a solution to this problem as well. Organizing a virtual tour for potential buyers can greatly help you secure a deal. Still, it is not as great as a live open house would be, but clients will appreciate that you are operating in a safe and responsible manner.

What if a client insists on a tour of the property?

Staying safe this summer is on everyone’s mind and a primary issue. Yet, you might still come across potential buyers that will insist on seeing a property in person. If you are comfortable with such an arrangement, you can schedule a tour, but you will have to take some precautionary measures.

Make sure that you conduct the open house with one client at a time. Inform them that you will implement the necessary procedures to protect your clients as well as yourself. Also, make sure that they clearly understand that you expect the same in return. Not to mention that you should always remain at a distance of 6ft and avoid shaking hands. If your buyers aren’t serious about safety measures, don’t hesitate to point out to them that they should also be responsible. Of course, in a polite manner.

A key stuck in a doorknob

All real estate agents that aren't comfortable with meeting clients in person should avoid organizing open houses.

Moving in the age of Covid-19

We all know how dreadful a relocation can be. That is why most of us opt for hiring professional movers. The majority of moving companies are working and functioning very well, even now. Since moving businesses are considered essential, their operations are not restricted. This is important to know for every real estate agent since potential property buyers might be worried about their upcoming move.

A great way to go the extra mile for your clients is to help them make their choice of professionals, for example by visiting an online database at or recommending a company that you had a positive experience with.

Be ahead of the curve

This is the time when you will either sink or swim. If you want to get ahead in this business, you have to think in advance. First, you need to master functioning during the age of Covid-19.

But what happens once it is over? Can you anticipate how will the real estate market shift? Will it shift at all? What will happen with the needs of potential buyers? How will they change? Do you know the answers to these questions? If the answer is no, you should hop to it. For some businesses, the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise, because they manage to adjust, unlike their competitors. Make sure that, in the end, you come out of this situation victorious.



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Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals, in particular, need to be cautious of their surroundings.  Especially during an open house or private showing.  You can't avoid showing your clients their dream home, but there are certain precautions you need to take to ensure your safety.  Here are 7 personal safety tips to keep in mind during your next open house or showing.

  1. Arrive to your destination early and become familiar with the home and its surroundings.  Is it in a populated subdivision or in the woods or country setting where cell service is spotty?  Check various areas where cell phone coverage might be limited. This is good to know in case you need to make an emergency call for help.
  2. When parking your vehicle, be cognizant of exits and potential escape routes.  Always get in the habit of backing into a parking spot nearest the entrance. Avoid areas where your vehicle might become blocked.
  3. When your client arrives, ask them to allow you to go up to the house to make sure that the entrance was secured properly.  Once you've determined that the area is safe for entry, and checked your phone for a strong signal, you can direct your clients to enter the home.
  4. Clients should always be walking ahead of you. Direct them to where you want them to go and remain in a position where you are able to escape quickly should the need arise.
  5. Try your best to create opportunities where direct access to your person is obstructed. If you are showing a kitchen and there is an island or peninsula feature, remain on the side closest to your point of exit while the client is on the other. Never sit beside the client on a couch, but rather sit across from them while discussing buyer-seller negotiations or other paperwork.
  6. When showing the property, keep your dialogue with the client real estate specific.  Avoid personal conversation and details of your personal activities, schedules etc.
  7. Take a moment during your tour to mentally assess how this showing is going.  If you have a gut reaction that something is not right, it probably isn't and you should listen to your inner instincts.  If you have any concerns at all, take action. Grab your cell phone and check for signal strength. If the signal was clearer outdoors by your car, excuse yourself and politely explain that you need to call the office. Call another realtor to the location or cut the showing short and leave immediately. Usually, if the cell signal is not strong, the homeowners will have a landline phone.  Pick up the phone and call your office, using your predesignated signal or code phrase to alert someone that things are not right at this showing.

These are just a few of the many valuable skills you will learn when taking Certified Training Institutes Personal Safety and Self Defense 4 Hour CE Course. Real Estate Professionals, learn valuable safety skills and meet your continuing education requirements at the same time. Be prepared for the unexpected, visit Real Estate Training Institute, choose your State and take this class today!



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