Takeaways From ICNY 2020

Published on February 20, 2020 by Sara

Inman 2020

Inman Connect 2020 is an event for residential real estate professionals to discuss the present and future of the industry. New York City’s The Close attended the Inman Connect 2020 conference and shared their key takeaways from the event. Below is a short list of their findings, to learn more view the full article.

  1. Online Real Estate Lead Quality Has Dropped Since 2012
    In the past 8 years the number of online leads has grown by 510% while the number of new home sales has grown by 10%. Meanwhile, the cost of internet leads is steadily increasing, even as the quality declines. We all know you can’t run a successful real estate company without leads so rather than ditching your leads as expensive and unproductive, take the time to really nurture your leads and change your expectations.
  2. Relationships are King but Content is Queen
    Relationships and content need to work hand in hand to represent your business. According to real estate marketing expert Katie Lance, “Every listing, every photo, every single letter of every single word of every single sentence is a representation of your brand. What sort of content are you making to create opportunities for incredible client experiences?” In other words, you need to create great content to engage your audience and make building relationships easier.
  3. Traditional Mortgages Are Being Disrupted
    Companies like Divvy, Flyhomes, and Orchard are providing buyers a new way to buy real estate.  Companies like Divvy will purchase a home for a buyer that doesn’t have a down payment and lease it back to them.  A portion of lease goes towards your down payment – once you’ve saved enough Divvy sells the home to you. Learning about these companies and the growing number of financing options will enable you to market to totally new clients.

These are just a few of the major points from the Inman Connect 2020 conference. View the full article for more.