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Gwyn Besner


Gwyn Besner has worked in the real estate industry for 32 years. She decided to begin teaching salespeople and brokers 25 years ago. Gwyn is currently the president and a teacher at the Acme Institute, where she also teaches quality, convenient online courses for Real Estate Training Institute. » Learn More

Lola Audu


Lola has worked in the real estate community in West Michigan for over 21 years. She has a passion for teaching how diversity affects the real estate community on a nationwide basis. She grew up in the cities of Lagos and Jos, Nigeria. The vast differences between these two cities gave her insight into the differing needs of individuals in big cities and small towns alike. » Learn More

Greg MacMaster


Greg MacMaster has 3 decades experience as a pilot and 2 decades of experience as a real estate agent. Greg has used this experience to create an easy-to-follow, effective, HD Video exam prep course for those interested in obtaining a Remote Pilot in Command Certificate as well as anyone interested in using drones to enhance their real estate sales. » Learn More

Steve Carvelli


Steve has been working in real estate as a broker for 12 years. Steve is licensed as a real estate professional in 23 states and is an instructor in New Jersey and New York. Carvelli is extending his teaching reach by instructing online courses for Real Estate Training Institute. » Learn More

Preston Taylor


Preston L. Taylor "PT" has been involved in law enforcement for the past 25 years. He is an extremely knowledgeable individual in the realm of personal protection, self-defense, and situational awareness. » Learn More

Scott Corbat


Scott is a Licensed Builder and Degreed Engineer that is an OSHA Authorized 10hr & 30hr Construction Trainer and MIOSHA & OSHA 10 hour construction safety and Health certified with experience in trade education, contract writing, engineering, and all aspects of construction.

Paul Acker


Paul started in the construction industry in 1973 beginning his career as a carpenter apprentice and working in the field for the next 24 years. When he retired, Paul worked part-time for Spence Brothers helping with estimating and project management. After a two year semi-retirement, he returned to Spence Brothers and worked full time as an estimator and project manager until the end of 2013. When Paul left Spence Brothers in the fall of 2014, Paul taught estimating classes as an adjunct instructor for Northwest Michigan College and Online courses for Certified Training Institute. » Learn More