Greg MacMaster

Greg MacMaster has 3 decades experience as a pilot and 2 decades of experience as a real estate agent. Greg has used this experience to create an easy-to-follow, effective, HD Video exam prep course for those interested in obtaining a Remote Pilot in Command Certificate as well as anyone interested in using drones to enhance their real estate sales.

MacMaster encourages students to contact him personally with questions regarding his courses, a truly unique and beneficial perk. Feel free to email your questions to


  • FAA Certificate: FAA-2015-0389 #11568
  • American Meteorology Society: Seal of Approval
  • Chapman College – Integrative Computer Science
  • Michigan Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Courses Instructed by Greg MacMaster

Drones in Real Estate 

Online HD Video Course
Real estate professionals are raving about the benefit of using drones for marketing materials. In order to take advantage of drones in the Real Estate industry, you must be aware of the rules and regulations. This course is designed to familiarize real estate agents with drone use and regulation.
This course is approved for 4 Credit Hours of  General Education

Course Description

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