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New York Requirements:

Real estate agents in New York must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education classes. Including at least 2.5 hours of Ethical Business Practices, 1 hour of recent Legal Matters, 3 hours of Fair Housing or Discrimination in the Sale or Rental of Real Property or Interest in Real Property AND 1 hour of Agency, every two years in order to renew your license. In the case of the initial two-year licensing term for real estate salespersons, 2 hours of agency-related instruction must be completed within the two-year period immediately preceding a renewal. Any salesperson who successfully completes an approved broker qualifying course (which requires passing the final exam), within their current term, will receive continuing education credit for completion of that course. Please note: If completing the broker course for continuing education, you must also complete 2.5 hours of ethical business practices and 1 hour of recent legal matters topics to satisfy the requirement.

A recent legislative amendment REMOVED the 15-year real estate broker continuing education exemption and now requires all brokers who were previously exempted to complete continuing education starting July 1, 2021.

We provide a 400-question real estate practice exam and real estate professional development courses in HD VIDEO or FULL NARRATION with PRINTABLE TEXT.

Real Estate Professional Development

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Josh Francis
Learn the ins and outs of social media marketing from experts that work in both social media and construction to upgrade your profiles, drive leads, and increase business.

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Drones in Real Estate | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Greg MacMaster
Real estate agents are raving about the benefit of using drones for marketing materials. This class will familiarize real estate agents with the rules and regulations that must be followed to operate commercial drones.

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Personal Safety and Self Defense | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Preston L. Taylor
Sgt. Taylor has used his 20+ years experience to develop specific self-defense tactics for the real-life scenarios real estate professionals find themselves in every day.  These simple techniques will give you the edge in a dangerous situation.

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Agency | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
What are your responsibilities to the home buyer, seller, neighborhood or community?  Find answers to these questions and more as we take a broad look at the range of legal and ethical requirements as a real estate agent.

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Practical Brokerage | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
Managing your own Real Estate company has it's own unique challenges. Discover practical ways to manage the most important aspects of your brokerage firm and how to develop a well thought-out policy manual with this class.

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Real Estate Disclosure Laws | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online Fully Narrated Class | Instructor:  Jenny Mac Dowell
This course covers the disclosure laws real estate agents must adhere to, transactions in which they will come across these requirements and case law to illustrate real-life scenarios.

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Risk Management | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
This course will help real estate agents be prepared for the risks of doing business by helping to identify threats such as cyber crime, identity theft and internet liability as well as anti-trust laws and OSHA regulations relevant to the real estate industry.

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Taxes | Professional Development

0 Credit Hours | Online HD Video Class | Instructor: Gwyn Besner
Even the most successful businesses can fail if they don't understand the tax ramifications of the decisions they make.  This course will guide you through 1031 exchanges, depreciation, loss and the benefits of real property ownership.

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Real Estate Exam Prep

Real Estate 400 Question Practice Exam with Justifications

Exam Prep 
This 400 question practice exam is to help you pass the PSI exam.

It is the closest practice exam to the real test!

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