Renewing Your Ohio Real Estate License

On: April 19, 2019
Ohio Real Estate Continuing Education
Brokers and Salespeople are required to complete 30-hours of continuing education classes including 3 hours of core law, 3-hours of civil rights, and 3-hours of ethics every three years. All real estate agent licenses expire on their birthday.

Using Drones to Spruce Up Your Listings

On: April 19, 2019
Drones for Real Estate
Drones are a great tool for capturing the scope of appropriate homes and properties. For example, drones can be used to provide a moving tour through the inside of large homes, giving prospective buyers a much better idea of property layout and dimensions than photos. Drones are also useful for displaying properties with magnificent views or large yards. Often drones are used to take video or pictures from high altitudes to capture a full view of the yard in relation to natural surroundings such as lakes or woods. The photo above is a particularly dramatic example of using a drone to capture the magnitude and beauty of properties.

Home Staging 101

On: April 17, 2019
Real Estate Staging
Staging a home can help your property sell 73% quicker than a non-staged home, according to research from the Real Estate Staging Association. Some experts believe  this is because home staging increases the perception of the home’s worth. Below are a few of the most effective elements of home staging.

According to New Survey Homebuyers, Now’s a Good Time to Buy

On: April 17, 2019
Is it a good time to buy a house
It’s a good time to buy a home, according to research from the National Association of Realtors. 65 percent of people echoed this sentiment in the Housing Opportunities and Market Experience, or HOME, report.  This enthusiasm is the highest it’s been since the second quarter of 2018.

Hot Real Estate: Shopping Center Sold in Saint Paul

On: March 22, 2019
St. Paul Minnesota Real Estate Market
Mid-America Real Estate corp. sold the Lexington Shoppes, 34,000 square feet of retail area. The shopping center is in the booming neighborhood of Saint Paul, which has seen increasing real estate interest in recent years.

North Carolina Strips Airbnb Broker’s Real Estate License

On: March 22, 2019
Air Bnb
North Carolina has permanently revoked the real estate license of a popular entrepreneur and real estate broker; according to a report from the Asheville Citizen-Times. Shawn Johnson managed rental properties on Airbnb. State regulators are accusing him of keeping thousands of dollars from the Airbnb property owners he managed. The North Carolina Real Estate commission also charges that he ran an unlicensed real estate firm, broke Asheville bans on short-term rentals, and deposited Airbnb owner’s money to his own accounts.

Kansas Real Estate Sales Down, Home Prices Remain Strong

On: March 20, 2019
Kansas Real Estate Continuing Education
The most recently available statistics from January show that home sales in the sunflower state are down 8.2 percent compared to January 2018. These numbers mirror national trend: American home sales across the board are down 8.5 percent over 2018.

Commercial Real Estate: An Attractive Victim for Hackers

On: March 20, 2019
Commercial Real Estate Cyber Crime
Data breaches affect every kind of business and Internet user. And sophisticated hackers target commercial real estate in hopes of a big payday, according to Minnesota lawyer Nadeen Schwen, in an interview with Minnesota Lawyer.

Mississippi Real Estate Investors Jailed After Bid-Rigging Scheme

On: February 28, 2019
Mississippi bid rigging
Nine real estate investors in southern Mississippi are facing jail time and hefty fines after violating federal antitrust laws, reports WLOX. On February 21, 2019, Christopher Vaughan and Jon Gregg Goodhart Jr. were ordered four months jail time for their part in a bid-rigging scheme.

A New Type Of Credit Score Is Coming

On: February 27, 2019
Real Estate Finance
The current score system works well in that it provides a sufficient way to figure out low costs and in an automated way how likely someone is able repay you. But it has a disadvantage in that a lot of people don’t provide a payment history because they don’t have credit cards such as younger people and immigrants.